We would like to thank everyone who participated in our week.
Thanks to you we were able to realize our project
and make this week wonderful.


2 Rue des Lavandières
56450 THEIX

Thanks to Miss Breizh for allowing us to finance this project. Thanks to you we were able to raise enough funds to undertake all our planned activities. It was a real pleasure to work with you! 

1 Rue Gilles Gahinet
56000 VANNES

Thanks to the Awen Brew Pub for welcoming us on Thursday February 7th for the english-dinner. Thanks to you we were able to spend a wonderful evening, very friendly around a very good meal. We recommend you the Awen Brew Bar. 

3 Rue de la Porte Prison
56000 VANNES

Thank you to Comptoir Irlandais for giving us product samples to reward our week’s winners. You have allowed us to finish this week in style with your products. 

13 Rue Saint Vincent
56000 VANNES

Thanks to Kusmi Tea for giving us samples of products for the Tea and Chat we organized on Tuesday February 4th. Thanks to you we were able to put our project to welcome English natives at the IUT of Vannes to a successful conclusion.


17 Places des lices
56500 VANNES

Thanks to Léonidas for offering us products to reward the best students during the week. Thank you very much for allowing us to reward the students involved.

Kervidanou 3
29300 MELLAC

Thank you very much to the Buffalo Grill of Mellac for offering free cocktails to reward our most involved students during the English Week. It was a pleasure working with this group.