We will then designate 1 TC1 for each team to cook cookies, brownies, muffins and pancakes for the tea and chat.

We give you the recipes, you just have to cook them. The Sherlock team has to bake the cookies, the Watson team has to make brownies, the Moriarty team has to bake the muffins and finally the Moran team has to make the pancakes. Each team must cook for 15 people.

The best cake will earn points for their team. 
( You can choose friends of your team to cook if you need ).







Tuesday morning will be the Tea and Chat activity.

Each student will have 20 minutes to exchange in English with native English speakers. The aim is for you to immerse yourself in a conversation exclusively in English.This activity will take place in rooms 118, 120, 121, 122, 124, 202, 214.  More information will be given to you Tuesday morning to guide you in your conversations.

Look at the planning just below to know your schedule and your room



In the 1900s, police investigations were conducted by inspectors and officers who strictly adhered to forensic history textbooks. Individuals are testing new methods to solve investigations. You are one of them!

Today, you must present your latest investigation to a worthy assembly of your peers and the illustrious representatives of the House of Lords. 

Your methods are shocking and disturbing to some people because they are innovative. It is essential to convince this audience. 

Imagine your intervention in front of your audience. Stage the crime and its perpetrator(s) and solve the enigma with your new methods.

Use Powerpoint to show examples, your approaches, ideas and conclusions.

The powerpoint should contain between 6 and 10 slides, you will have to use the slide masks to standardize the titles and visual elements of your graphic charter. Your presentation should have a graphic unit that is reminiscent of the era in which you are evolving.

One or more animations should be used to present the effects of an experiment, the path of a reflection or deductive thought, etc.
Use visuals to locate places, describe them, display plans etc. Make sure that each slide supports your speech (be careful to be consistent in your choices).

Mandatory use of images and text


Since the beginning of this year you have been preparing an theatre acting about “Animal Farms ». 

This is now the moment to show us your work. To prepare yourself, you will have a rehearsals on Monday Afternoon. Then, on Tuesday Afternoon, you will act in front of the TC2 students, the TC1 of the other team and some teachers. 

Don’t worry, we know that’s an activity wich is really stressing because we have already done it last year so we will have benevolent eye. We hope that you will have some originals disguises and that you’ll give the best of yourself, that’s the main thing. Good luck!



You like police investigations? We hope so…because you’re going to be kidnapped on the amphitheatre B on Monday afternoon to watch the movie « Sherlock Holmes ».

Pay attention, because afterwards you’ll be asked to take a quiz on the film. It’ll be the first way to collect points for your team. Indeed, the team with the most correct answers will win a certain number of points…


You will have to create a product/service in the Sherlock Holmes theme that can help to solve an investigation. 

You will have to respect a graphic charter and display the iut logo. Don’t forget to put a banner with your names and the English Week and IUT logos. The poster must be in size A4, RVB, 100ppi, jpg. 

We will choose the best poster at the end of the week. Let your creativity speak for itself !! You will have to put on your posters a slogan related to your image

You will need to send us your posters by email or by hand on Wednesday between 5 and 6pm. We will be in room 120.


During the week, you will have to develop a video on the theme of Sherlock Holmes, including an enigma (from the simplest to the most elaborate: from the loss of a pencil to a murder for example).

This video must meet a number of criteria.  First of all,  the time :               3 minutes and 30 seconds, with a margin of 20 seconds more or less.

It should include 30 seconds of presentation, 1 minute of intrigue and then 2 minutes to solve the case. Secondly, in your video there must be a field/counter-field, minimum 2 suspects, 2 real proofs for the culprit and no credits.

For teams, you edit your video with the TC2s of your sub-group. For example the TC2s in the WATSON group, and in the HAT subgroup make the video together, asking for help from the TC1s of the WATSON team in the same subgroup. There will be thirteen or fourteen of you per team.


You all know Gulli’s famous game « In Ze Boite ». We hope you enjoyed watching it and that you would like to play it even more, because on Tuesday afternoon we will take you on board for a part of this game. 

The principle is as follows: you will play in sub-teams. In each sub-team you will choose one person who will enter the room blindfolded. The others will guide him/her through Facetime (or snapchat). 

The person inside the room will have the role of following the instructions of their team to find 6 boxes with questions inside. It’s the people outside who will answer the questions. Each box found and each correct answer will earn you points. 

You can collect a maximum of 60,000 points knowing that each question is worth 10,000 points. You will have a maximum of 30 minutes. Good luck!